Lunchbox Mania Continues

Just cause I am so cool with my lunchbox.

But I do have one question, how does one keep moisture from other foods from softening up starches. Im tempted to buy another set of compartments, so I can use two covered lids in a day. But I want to find an easier solution that is still renewable.

Had the same lunch 3 days in a row.
-Half a bagel with organic natural peanut butter and mixed berry preserves
-baby carrots, which seem to get wackier in shape as the pound bag empties
-natural, unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon
-2 Fruit Leathers

Only one lunch needed to be packed for this current week, since I missed Monday entirely and Tuesday I skipped one of my morning classes...oops

-Apples and Peanut Butter
-Tortilla with hummus, scallions, and zucchini


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