One Year.

I am happy to announce that I have been vegan for a year. Last year I went vegan the last week of school before finals. Which currently, I just finished the week before finals.

I did not do anything special for my anniversary other than make a batch of chocolate-chip muffins, using a recipe I found on VegWeb. It was a good recipe for me to use as I got rid of a lot of ingredients that have to go before I leave for India (flour, chocolate chips, apple sauce, vegan margarine...). They took less than 10 minutes to prepare and get into the oven, and barely any clean up. So that is what I call a happy celebration.

I cannot wait to have more anniversaries and know that my choice to become fully vegan after being vegetarian for almost half my life was necessary and has helped me feel a lot more complete and empowered. I have found myself wanting to work harder for the cause of animal rights and bond further with like-minded folks.

Happy Veganism!