Classic Slice Pizza Review

When I first arrived at my university, I was not expecting the cheese and brat capital of the world to have many vegetarian-friendly restaurants. I ended up really not even looking for any, since I came to school as a vegetarian and it is quite simple to make a dish vegetarian. I also had a cafeteria meal plan (not by choice) and ate a pretty unhealthy amount of grilled cheese and french fries with pounds of ketchup (still waiting for a perfect vegan cheese to make a grilled cheese). But by the end of the year I was vegan! I started to be more aware of the restaurants around me and how it would affect my social habits. I decided to join yelp and was able to look further into vegan-friendly restaurants.

One night, one of my friends was so bored she wanted to go to the mall with me. In other words, she'd rather go through torture than sit at home. I knowing that she must really have wanted to get out of the house suggested instead of shopping with the queen of impulse that we should get dinner. It was all on me to find a restaurant for my friend (who is vegetarian!!) and I. I spent a good 30 minutes reading reviews and searching for a place that had high quality vegan food. We both agreed on Classic Slice Pizza.

We actually got lost on the way there, it is well hidden behind a fitness center. After thoroughly angering the drivers behind us with our slow driving and quick U-turn, we arrived safe and sound. The outside doesn't look like much, but once you enter there is a 'refreshing vibe' (as stated on my yelp review). The restaurant is very small, but has a very industrial cool look. You enter and immediately see a huge bulletin board that is filled with music from hopefuly bands, spiritual meditation classes, and the works. We entered and saw that the restaurant was still pretty packed for 9.30pm. And I have to say I am spoiled living in Chicago where smoking was banned a few years ago from all public establishments, but thankfully Classic Slice is completely smoke-free!

I had heard that they had vegan 'mini-pies.' There are 3 different vegan mini-pies:

Olive tapinade, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and vegan sausage
The Anne Curry: No red sauce!!! curry sauce, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tofu and tomatoes
Super Veggie:
mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, basil and your choice of tofu or vegan sausage
Priced at 8 dollars a pop

I decided to try the Super Veggie mini-pie and get an order of their bread sticks. The bread sticks, which were amazingly cheap, so I thought 'why not?' They came out on a full pizza pan, spanning 10 inches in diameter. I am so glad that I had my friend to share them with me, or I would have died. The breadsticks were more so flattened dough that was drizzled with olive oil, basil, and garlic, with a side of marinara. I can't explain how amazing they were, but they were like dropping on the floor and screaming in joy...amazing. I'm not joing. I could have eaten this just as my meal. They were the best bread sticks I have ever had. So fresh and flavorful.

Then the Super Veggie came out, I decided to try one piece since I was already so full. This was packed with spinach, broccoli, basil and vegan sausage (of course, no mushrooms). It was so delicious. All the vegetables were so fresh and perfectly cooked. Not too soft and not too crunchy. The dough is absolutely fantastic as well. My only issue was that I was constantly getting spinach in my teeth. I had to do a fake smile to my friend a few times to make sure that I got rid of as much of the spinach as possible before I asked the cute guy for a box.
If you are worried about the price tag on this beast, realize there is absolutely nothing mini about this pie. I came home with more than 3/4s of the pizza left over.

They deliver to the surrounding areas of the city, but not all the way to my area of the city...lame. But! They think they are opening up a shop near us. I'd die and eat breadsticks every day of my life.

If you are ever in Milwaukee and want a cheap, filling, and delicious meal...head over to Classic Slice.

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