My new blog venture

Friends of Veg to Veg. I wanted to let you all know that I have started up a new blog.
It is called Mes Joies de Vivre.
In other words my little joys of life.
The blog will mostly be a hodge podge of love.
Beauty, Fashion, Running, Cooking...
You name it and I'll be posting about it.

I like the idea of this small joys blog because it allows me to broaden out to other pleasures in my life aside from cooking. I don't like when my cooking blogs post a billion photos of their cats or talk about school. Well at my new blog I can post a beautiful picture I took that morning or let you all know I got a 104% on a paper. You get the drill.

Take a look and I hope to see you at http://mesjoiesdevivre.blogspot.com/.