Fried Noodles and Tofu & Sesame Ginger Cabbage

I am almost caught up, just 5 more entries and I will be at the dinner I had a few nights ago. Go me. At since I am extremely worried for an exam, to the point I get so upset when I look at the material, here I am!

If you can tell, I love asian-inspired foods. However unauthentic it is, I want a piece of it. I probably have at least 2 or 3 meals a week that are from the East. A few months back, the week was no exception.

This Vegan Dad recipe was for Fried Noodles and Tofu. With fried right in the title, we all know this ain't a healthy night. Sometimes I just am so exhausted and stressed that I need to induldge my ever so grease-loving side. I thought this would be the perfect meal to satisfy that, while still being somewhat healthy. So I wouldn't have to cook extra veggies or side dish, I added some veggies that I had on hand, which were few (carrots, celery, scallions, and onion). This was a perfect noodle dish, with crispy vegetables and tofu and a sauce that was not overpowering or too heavy, especially since it came from a bottle, which I normally don't do, but lazy days call for it. I gulped this up in high quantities. Very delicious and highly recommend for anyone who wants to put aside being uber healthy just for one meal.

Since I never use a full package of tofu, after the left-overs of my noodles were gone, I wanted to use that tofu right up. I looked at my list of starred recipes from my google reader and found Veg Bitch's Sesame and Ginger Cabbage. I remember when I first read her blog entry for that day, my mouth was salivating from just seeing the words sesame and cabbage together. We all know my love affair for cabbage by now. I loved that the tofu was crushed to pieces before it was cooked, I guess I never really thought of doing that. Goes to show that my creativity for cooking is still yet to come. This method assured that every bite would be equal in tofu and veggies. The recipe itself is quite simple with just sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and a little soy sauce for the sauce. And carrots, onion, the cabbage. I cooked a giant portion of cabbage and ate it without any starch. It was absolutely perfect meal. I had a study group to go to 5 mins after I finished cooking, I only realized after I had put it on a plate, so I quickly pulled out tupperwear and brought my meal with me to my study group. Boy oh boy, the kids I met with were completely infatuated with my meal and couldn't believe how simple it was to make. I have a feeling most kids who live off-campus eat macaronni, ramen, canned soup, and frozen meals...ew? I don't mind canned soup and every so often I will pull out an Amy's frozen dinner or burrito (my favorites: Mattar Tofu, Black Bean Enchilada, and Black Bean Tamale Verde). But I'd never eat those every single day. I'm so happy that I take the time to make slow food from real food.

Well enough procrastinating. It has lasted now almost 3 hours...oops? Off to learn about Ampere's and Faraday's Laws. boo

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