Apparently it is all the rage...


I joined when I am completely, desperately in need of concentration. I wanted to be at the library tonight, but it was PACKED. I knew I'd get no studying done because I love to just watch people. And anytime anyone comes by me, I look up and look. Very, very distracting. I also am working highly from the computer, and its easier to just have my own, with my own settings. So here I am. I'm thinking Ill get to bed at 4 or 5...eek

On that note...
follow me?
oh dear.

I'll have a true update sometime after Thursday. I'll be working on getting at least 10 entries in this month. I will do it, don't worry. I am a proud owner of an ASUS Eee 901, which means I have a computer that is 9 inches wide! It is amazing, fits in my purse and barely weighs a few pounds. Perfect for my long days of 9am-6pm of classes. woot!

Have a good week!