I have to say I have an addiction to searching for products I want online. But I just look at descriptions, reviews, and pricing. Does not mean I commit, though when I am stressed I'll commit on the whim (note baby laptop, a brand new backpack (yam orange!) that came today, organic dry shampoo). But, normally I am good and don't buy it unless I know I really need it, and well so far I've used what I've bought frequently and they have been good solutions for me. So last summer when I was about to move into my first apartment, you can imagine I had a few late nights just searching and searching mindlessly for things I probably did not need but thought were cute... One of those things was a darn lunchbox. Now, when I was little I didn't have the cool Barbie hard case lunchbox, I had those insulated deals that if you spilt anything they would smell terrible, and by high school I was too cool for bringing a real lunchbox and sported wasteful paper bags with plastic bags on the inside. Definitely not cool. So the lunchbox search would always end on me dreaming about the Laptop Lunchbox system that our dear blogger has recommended so highly. The cost was unimaginable for my sad salary so it always went on hold.

Not anymore! This semester has proved to living on campus and eating pounds of Subway Veggie Delight's on Italian bread. They aren't too expensive, but they aren't cheap for what I get (lots of lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, lots of green peppers, a few red onions, salt n' pepper, oregano, and a little oil and vinegar). So I decided to get my Whimsical colored Laptop lunchbox. It finally arrived Monday morning and I have already used it 3 times. I've probably already saved a good 10 dollars on food by bringing my own lunch and I'm lowering my carbon footprint further by keeping with a durable plastic that I will not just toss after one use.

So as a special treat. I took pictures of my lunches. Maybe not a special treat for you, but I giggled all day long knowing the lunchbox was smoothly in my bag and I giggled all while I ate my lunch on campus. I'm definitely the coolest kid at uni.

salad with miso ginger dressing, fruit, and hummus and pretzels.

half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots, fruit, craisins, and an Oreo.

My dinner was not pictured due to my being late to class. But it was cous cous, daal palak, carrots, and a pear.

And that is all. I just had a great night seeing Ben Kweller and The Watson Twins live...for FREE! I won an awesome contest by being a twitter-er. woot.
Back to series and parallel circuits and trying to forget about how cold and WINDY it is. Almost got blown over while walking to the theater. And I'm not exageratting.


Cyn said...

I'm a grad student, and I bring my lunch to school every day in a Mr. Bento - it's so much cheaper and yummier than buying stuff on campus!

Lunchbox Obsessed said...

Congrats on getting a waste-free lunchbox! As you mentioned, having a good lunchbox will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. Plus, it benefits your health and the environment.