Cabbage Stir-Fry and Garlicky Ranch Potato Patties

Well the long week is over, thank you! But, apparently a new week is already arriving with even more work. Last week, I got all of my work done and think I did really well on my exam. I will try and work just as hard. I barely cooked...wait I didn't. I am really needing to get to the grocery store. So next weekend I am going to go. I just have to carefully plan out my meals this week. Most likely, lots of frozen veggies and quick pastas and soups. I only have celery and peppers left of my fresh food. But, what is amazing is I haven't done grocery shopping in 4 weeks and have been good.

One produce item that I absolutely love buying without any plan to use it in specific meals is cabbage. I have to say cabbage might be one of my favorites. I love it steamed, fried, saute-d, baked, cooked, and I do like it raw. One of the best things about cabbage for a poor-college student is that it lasts forever. I have had a half-head of cabbage in my fridge for over a month before and it tasted just as fresh as the first time I used it. Sometimes, I find it so hard to find use for a full vegetable in a meal and then don't feel like it for weeks. I had to throw out kale that I had forgotten about today... Cabbage never has that issue. I can add a little cabbage to soup or a salad and get all that extra Vitamin C and flavor. Back in November I made an impromptu cabbage stir-fry. I cut up the bit of tofu I had left, celery, red pepper, and onions. The sauce was pretty average, just a little soy sauce, hoison sauce, and sriracha. With a little rice and garnished with sesame seeds, this made a really delicious, easy meal. It wasn't the quickest, since cabbage does take some time to cook down, but there was really no work involved other than stirring every so often. When I finally get grocery shopping, I will definitely be buying a good 'ol head of cabbage.

Normally when I am at school I don't have many conventional American meals of a protein, vegetables, and then a mixed side. But, every so often I feel like having a meal that would be similiar to something I would have at home. At home, we normally have a protein, beans or salad, and vegetables. I decided to make Joni's, of Just the Food, Garlicky Ranch Potato Patties. They were very simple to make, just had to peal and shave a few potatoes and mash together herbs and spices, bread crumbs, and a little oil. Before I cooked them I decided to make roasted vegetables and cannellini beans with tomato and sage. I actually had to call my mom to remember exactly what the cannellini bean recipe was. She wasn't sure, so I just threw together a half an onion in tomato sauce and a little paste, added dried basil and sage. After, the mixture was boiling I added the beans and a little salt and pepper. A brilliantlly flavorful side that is quick and easy. When the veggies were close to being done I cooked my patties and was ready to eat. Man was the patty so amazing to just cut into, it was crisp on the outside, and the perfect 'tender' on the inside. And boy were the flavors delicious. I didnt pair it with any sauces, but I ate it with my cannellini mix. I really could not get enough. The recipe made 4, so I cut back to two. And I'm glad, because the one patty was filling enough for one meal. I used the second for leftover sandwich the next day and it was just as good cold as it was hot. Perfect patty for the perfect meal.