Shopping Trip

So I finally made my journey to the health food store yesterday. I decided on going to the one right near my house, its called Pass Health Food. I had a very enjoyable experience at the store. I walked in and was greeted right away, but I decided instead of overload her with my billion questions, Ill just walk all the aisles and find what Im looking for. It isnt the largest store around, but I found all but one item on my list...and a few more.

I looked before I left on their website to see if they had any flyers or promotions, and they did. I decided not to bother with printing it, as all the items Id be interested in I already had or did not reaaally need. But when I got there, conveniently all the items that were in the flyer on sale, were already marked that price. The only item I could not find was Teese, but the woman in the store wrote down the name of the brand and said she would talk to her supplier about getting it, since it is made probably only miles down the road. The total came to 50 something, but she told me that they had a newsletter and for signing up in the store that day she would give me 10% off. Every month the newsletter holds a secret code that I can say to get that 10% off. I then saw that they had Hint, I remember Vegan Lunch Box's posts about it and decided to try it. The sales clerk let me try it for free! I was so amazed at the hospitality and helpfulness in the store. I might every so often venture to the bigger health store to get other items or a larger variety, but I was pleased with my experience and left so happy!

I am in summer school for the next 3 weeks, so I will be posting less. But I am cooking loads and started to collect all the recipes I want to try out on in a Microsoft document. Im printing the recipes as I go and am making a big 'ol binder. Oh the joys of organization.


Jaanie said...

better than cream cheese
i gotta try me some of them

Sarah said...

The fake cream cheese is delicious, I love it. I think it might even be better than the real stuff ;)