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Well I havent done much cooking since Tuesday. I worked on Wednesday, so I just did a quick bag meal, since I of course was running late.

-Kashi Cereal, soy milk
-apple sauce

Quick Lunch Break:
-Pasta e Fagioli (dinner from sunday night, was even better second time around)

Snack Break at Work:
-rest of pretzels
-rice cake with cinnamon

-Leftover Quinoa and vegetables
-salad with a bit of olive oil

and of course my fix of popcorn.

Boring day of food, but when I work I am always running late and tired.
BUT! I got to come home to two of my three packages.
I received Becoming Vegan by Davis and Melina and Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz!
I was soooo damn excited when I ripped open the packaging. I have already dog-eared almost every page of VwaV. Id show you a picture, but apparently my digital camera hates me. I should start a 'Sarah needs a digital 35mm' fund soon well really funds in general are need round these parts. I have Becoming Vegan next to me, like literally a few inches from me. Ill be reading more of that tonight. I have a highlighter ready for things I want to be able to quickly find.

I still have coming Vegan Cupcakes and Everyday Vegan. There are a ton of other cookbooks I want, but my birthday is soon, and that can be another fund to start since Im apparently obsessed with vegan cooking/food...already. Its been what a few days since I started this blog, and look at the list on the side of vegan blogs I visit. dear me. My google reader has 70 new items...shit

Today I woke up late since I stayed up late reading VwaV. I was going to make pancakes for breakfast, but I didnt really wake for breakfast. So today I had

-Kashi Cereal, soymilk
-orange juice
-apple sauce
(i just woke up, I dont like eating when i wake up)

Dinner (out with rents and grandparents)
-salad with stir-fried vegetables and ginger soy sauce

We had issues at dinner, the lady forgot to put in my dad's order, so he got his food after we finished eating. So the boys stayed, while the ladies went across the way to the supermarket. I found the Soy Ice cream section, always brilliant when your ever so spoiling grandmother is around. So she got me a box of Tofutti Chocolate Chocolate bars and Purely Decadent Chocolate Brownie Almond Ice Cream. So I ate a Tofutti when I got home, and they were just as good as I remembered.

While I was watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy (im all caught up now, whew) I had some of the Purely Decadent. I wouldnt say it was my favorite. I think it was because it was more chocolate almond, and barely any brownie. I dont think it was the ice cream itself, just the fact that it was too much nut crunch for my taste. I still ate half the pint, but next time Id grab another flavor.

Tomorrow is my sister's university graduation. So we are piling in the car to go downtown. We are returning home to have an outdoor graduation dinner. We decided it'd be too crowded out for all of our tastes, so outside it is. They are all having their fried chicken, but I will be having a pasta salad my mom actually found in Everday magazine. Its Couscous with vegetables and chikpeas. I found it easily on the internet, but after I eat it and review and what not, Ill post the recipe as well. It sounds delicious and calls for arugula. Ill also be having marinated grilled tofu.

Since Im still moving back in from school, I havent gotten to my vitamins yet. Bad bad bad me. So I need to do that tomorrow, cause I know the past week I have been lacking the iron and other necessities. So Ill bring that box into the house and start using my fitday.com again to log my vitamin intake. I will also start planning my meals for the week in advance to make sure that I get the best variety and nutrients. So those are my two goals for the rest of the week food wise. Other than that, I have to go buy my books for summer school, get my school ID, and fill out the damn form for my SSN card, since im the idiot who put it in my wallet while moving home...then loses the wallet while out to lunch.

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