I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Paulina of Veggie Delight! Oh my!

Here are the rules :

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Alright here are my facts:

1. Going along with Paulina's first. I like to keep to myself. I often would rather sit at home reading a good book or reading up on the internet than going out to some party. I do like to go out with friends and get a good laugh. But I do need my alone time to unwind and relax, if I dont have that time, then I might not want to go out at all.

2. I love interior decoration. It excites me to the max to plan a room and see it come alive. Since I am moving into my own place this summer, Im going to have a lot of fun finding the rest of the big items and then putting it together with all the accents and finishing touches. I've been ready with floor plans and designs for the past 6 months.

3. I am adopted. I was adopted at birth. I left the hospital at 7 days old with my mom and dad. I don't find it weird or something sad. Adoption is something great, I dont understand why most people think adoptees think its horrible or something traumatic. I have been blessed with a loving family and they are all I know. And right now all I want to know.

4. I don't like not knowing something. Like going to the supermarket and not knowing where a certain item is, or having half-assed directions to a location, or if Im going to buy an item I want to know all the reviews before I buy. So this lead to a very psychotic love for the internet. I adore google.com/maps especially now that the maps will tell me how to get to the destination by public transportation. I always will ask my mom before I leave to get groceries exactly where the crescent rolls are, or read like 30 product reviews on a camera or printer before I commit. So I use the net loads to be sure of those type of things and also to educate myself on political topics and activism, of course.

5. I have a large collection of magazine cut-outs. I normally don't pick them due to the clothes, that helps, but it is mostly images that I find artistic or beautiful. My collage at school last year was probably around a foot and half wide and a foot tall. I have about the same at home. Next year at my apartment, Ill be putting it back together piece by piece (dont worry I took a picture) on the walls near my desk. It helps me to work as I have some inspiration, not just a blank wall.

Hrm, I have no idea who to tag since I dont really know anybody yet!
So Ill just do the people that I have taken recipes from:
Vegan Dad
Fatfree Vegan
Veg Bitch

that's all so far, so I guess that is all Ill do.

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