Stirfry and Marinated Tofu

Well work is really kicking me in the boots. Luckily this week I have taken the 3rd and 4th off, to celebrate the national holiday with my friends. We will going up to my apartment to go to the large summer festival to see some of our favorite singers/bands and maybe lay at the beach and get some food before fireworks. Then the next day we are having a BBQ back at home with all of our friends and watching fireworks. Ill probably be making a few pasta/potato salads for the party and bring my own hot dogs.
And btw, does anybody know an American brand of hot dog buns that are vegan? I cannot find any! Im also curious about the PETA list of 'Accidentally Vegan,' the email on the page does not work, so I couldnt FWD my question to them. A lot of the food on there has mono,di-glyercides and I just wonder
What does PETA consider vegan enough? I will not consume any foods that have glyercides, unless I know for fact they come from a plant source. And the small issue we all have is that everyone views their own veganism to different extremes. Even at a potluck, how do we know that one vegan is at the same level as us, or if we are serving a dish that is below their standard food. Its all so curious. With veganism there really is no straight cut line, like with being a vegetarian. Most people realize that veganism is no dairy and eggs and no meat. But do they even know about the hundreds of other ingredients? Probably not, because I didnt even really realize it til a few months ago. Now I love checking the boxes of any foods, even if I am not going to buy or eat it. Just so curious to see all the 'crap' companies put in their food.

Now onto the food. Last week, my dad and I were on our own. Both of us were not feeling up to going out to get food. We both were pooped from moving and building all that stuff. So he decided to have leftover chicken, and I had a craving for something with tofu and veggies. I opted for a stir fry. I just found all the veggies we had and chopped them all up (red pepper, onion, broccoli, zucchini, and celery) put them in my wok and then made a variant of the Vegan Dad's sauce for tofu and cashew stir fry. My oh my did it turn out delicious. By the time it was all ready to go, I realized I never made my rice! So I turned to the trick of cooking cous cous in the microwave that I learned by Catherine of Food Snob. It was great cause the cous cous stuck to every bit of the sauce, very delicious.

The next night, my mom said she was going to be cooking brown rice with veggies and stock. They were going to be grilling meat, so I was like Ill do the same. I made a marinade with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, red pepper flakes, onion powder, salt and pepper, and then water to thin it out. I let the tofu marinate for 40 mins, and then put them on the grill. They turned out very very good. Had a lot of flavor and a bit of heat from the pepper flakes. Id definitely make it again.

That was really all the cooking I did last week, other than left-overs and quick meals I could make for work, since most of my large meals were had at work. Im off to work in a few hours, so Im making some whole wheat pasta to bring along. I still cannot believe June is going to be over in a few hours. Where has the time gone.


Catherine said...

Hey! Thanks for the props. Coffee Cup Couscous is the BEST!

As far as the veggie dogs are concerned, I think Yves are vegan -- at least, I know vegans who eat them. I've had them before, and they taste VERY much like regular hot dogs! Just goes to show ya what little actual "meat" there must be in hot dogs!

If you decide to skip the veg dogs, marinade a portobello mushroom cap and throw that on the grill -- SOOOOOO good!

LK said...

Tofu vegetable stir fry's are always so tasty and easy. I especially like how you used couscous - couscous is so easy too. The sauce looks goood; usually I'm too lazy to do a sauce :)

And I love tofu with marinades. Your marinade sounds tasty - I like lots of heat!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

mmmm, that's a delicious looking stir fry!! Tofu looks perfect. Hope you enjoyed your days off! Are Yves hot dogs American? I know they're vegan and yummy (I have 2 posts up about them right now!)