My Apartment!

Well on Sunday, we head up North to school in a large rented van with all my crap. We arrived 20 mins earlier. And went scrambling trying to get ahold of my landlord or the manager. Apparently my landlord forgot to tell the manager Id be coming that day. But after ringing his door and the office so many times, we got his attention. It didn't take too long to get all the crap in doors, but we were there from 10 to 5 working on building all the stuff from IKEA and unpacking. All of it is done, and this is what my place currently looks like. The images are a bit pixelated, but just click on it, and you'll get the full image. I realize, most people dont want to look at 10 photos of an unfinished place, but im too excited. The apartment is 105 years old, all cabinets are original and there is a beautiful fireplace and claw-foot tub.

The entryway.
My bedroom!

The beautiful and large closet in my room.

My new super large desk, so excited to have space for once! Only problem is I need to figure out storage until I can afford a filing cabinet. Who knew they were so expensive.

The dresser from IKEA. Its huge and wide, can't wait to fill it.

The living room. The dining area, because of the window seats we have room to seat 6-7. We'll be covering both of the seats with new fabric, since they are old. The fireplace though is gorgeous!

The living room bit, we still are trying to work the details of how the layout will be. As the tv in any area is awkward.

My adorable bathroom. It will look much better once it is decorated. But for now it is quite bare. My roommate wants bright colors, so I obliged.The small small kitchen. This will be my new place of cooking soon. At least I will have cute pots and pans and serving wear. There is a ton of storage in the closet that will make due for my pantry. And the view is amazing, so compromises.

The start of my shelf for cookbooks! All the rest are at home, but so glad they have a home now.


I luckily had Monday off, cause I was EXHAUSTED. So I slept and slept and really only ate leftovers, prepared soups, and rice and lentils. But I got some momentum going later on in the week.


Vegan On Stage said...
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Vegan On Stage said...

HEY! your new apartment looks so nice!!!! you must be sooo excited!

where are you going to school?

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me! Your apartment is so cute. I love the charm from the crown molding, the bathroom fixtures, and the window seats. I would love living there.

Kati said...

Awesome apartment! Love the fireplace and hardwood floors.