school consumes me

It has been a month, I am aware.
I love you all and will have a proper update soon.

The last exam of the semester is in a few hours
and I am in the process of completing my last all-nighter.

When I say all-nighter I mean it. I'm no measly study til 5am and run off. I stay up til 5pm the next day. I have grown quite fond of caffeine. Well I have always been, but the past few years I have been actually addicted [caffeine withdrawal is really frightening...trust me]. I hope once I leave school I will have better sleep habits and health.

In less two weeks time, I will be a year away from completing my B.S. degree. I really don't believe it.
In four weeks, I will be on a flight to New Delhi, India.

Life is great.

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Chris said...

Good on ya. Soon you'll be out of there for the year, and on your flight to the other side of the world, and some good old-fashioned adventure.

Time flies, doesn't it?