BBQ Black Beans and Kale

The past year I have finally found my love for kale. I am quite obsessed with the bugger and feel lonely without a bunch in my fridge. And you ask, why should we all love kale to death? Well, it is high in vitamins K, C, A, beta carotene, rich in calcium, and fiber. That isn't all though. According to Nutrition Data, kale's protein content is very complete, as well as containing almost every mineral in the book. What is there not to love?

Beans and kale are some of my favorite ingredients in meals, so when I saw Show Me Vegan's recipe for BBQ Black Beans and Kale, I knew it was a winner for me. I pretty much made this a few days after I saw the post.

This very simple dish has two simple parts: cook-down kale and simmer beans, pepper, and bbq sauce. That is really it. It is so simple to make for a busy weekday meal, plus it has tons of fiber, protein, and all the goodness of the kale. I love the flavor of the garlicky kale with the richness of the barbecue sauce and beans. It is a hearty dish that will leave you satisfied even without a carbohydrate. I have made it with rice and also have just had it plain. I love it and think that it is a brilliant idea pairing kale and bbq sauce together, something I'd have never thought of.

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