Review: Veggie Bite

The acclaimed South-side Chicago all Vegan fast food restaurant was my first all vegan food excursion outside the comfort of my own kitchen. After I had told my mom that there was a vegan restaurant only blocks from our house, we realized it was necessary to go...immediately, well the next time they were open.

So the next day we headed off to Veggie Bite.

It actually barely opened when we got there at noon. But we got right in and ordered. My mom got the Live salad with tofu and tons of fresh veggies with their vinaigrette. I didnt take a picture of it, since she was already thinking I was crazy for taking a photo of my food outside of the house. She loved it, she said it was the perfect size and perfectly delicious.

I got the chili cheese dog. I havent had one of these in probably 10 years. So I was really excited. When they brought it out, it was still steaming. The whole wheat toasted bun was crispy and ever so soft. And their chili was delicious. It had the right amount of spice and sweetness with whole kidney beans and meat crumbles. Im really not sure what brand of hot dogs they used, but it was so good. It came with a side of fries and an organic Vanilla Lemonade.

Both my mom and I left happy and full. Too full to try the Chicago Soy Dairy's frozen deserts or shakes, meaning Id have to go back. Well like that wont be horrible for me, as I loved it. Obviously not the healthiest of foods for everyday, but it was so nice knowing we have the option for some delicious, fast-food only a few miles away.

Sorry for the long break. Summer months does make it difficult to have a regular schedule. But I have many photos yet to post about. Including my birthday cake, The Chicago Diner, and more...


Ruby Red Vegan said...

If only vegan fast food were the norm... Ahhh then life would be great! Those fries look really delicious. And I can't wait for the photos to come, too!

jessy said...

wow! that chili dog looks awesome! and no worries on the posting! enjoy the summer time! :D i can't wait to read your next post! i looooooove birthday cake posts!

CeciLiA said...

OH.MY.DAWG!! That seriously looks SO good!! This is so weird, I don't even like fast food to start with but this ... this page is so delicious *lick* oops ... sorry! ;0)