Birthday, Birthday...2 weeks later

My birthday came and my birthday went. At first, I really wasn't too excited about it. My sister was like 'fact of growing up'. Very true. When we were younger there was the big parties the big excitement and yays and ooohs, but this year turning 20, really isnt monumental here. No new responsibilities and still cant drink legally. So I just planned on having a quiet dinner with my family and family friends and then going to go see Jenny Owen Youngs perform with my friends the next day.

So the day of the my birthday, I sleep in til noon (oh my!). When I left my room I saw a beautiful white wicker hamper filled with gifts and a blue star balloon. When my whole family got home, we opened them. I was completely flabbergasted that I got any gifts, as I had already had an amazing trip to IKEA, parents paying rent on a beautiful apartment, and many other necessaries for my apartment. I had asked for one thing, a concert poster of Sia's performance at the Belly Up. This is such an amazing translation of a beautiful photo of her. I cannot wait to find a spot for it in my new bedroom.

I also got a nice expandable drying rack, kitchen drawer organizer, awesome placemats and napkins, a shower organizer that fits my 9ft ceilings, and an addition to my growing vegan cookbook collection...VEGANOMICON.

I am so proud to finally have my own version. No more borrowed library version. Its mine to spill water and spices and fold pages and write changes to recipes or average times for myself. WOHOO

Pretty much after I finished my presents. I went and got my hair done all lovely. I am quite happy with it. It was too long and overgrown, Ive got my full fringe back and layers. Then it was off to the big dinner with family. There was 12 of us. 12 with many dietary restrictions: 2 on South Beach, 1 in need of Gluten-Free items, and of course me. It took me forever to figure out what to do. I was planning just on having spaghetti squash and marinara. I kept trying to read reviews on how happycow, which lead me to PF Changs. I had gone there last summer with my good friend from out of town and my family. We all enjoyed it then, and finding out all the vegetarian dishes were made with vegan ingredients made me really excited. So off we went. We got two orders of vegetarian lettuce wraps and I myself ordered Ma Po Tofu. I still think it is so amazing that they can crisp up silken tofu to such perfection. It was full of so many flavors that I could identify! I could smell the paprika among other things. I love how my pallet has evolved, it really shows that becoming vegan has made me appreciate cooking more.

After dinner we dropped the oldies off, and the girls went to go see Wall-E. OH MY GOD! Can I say this three or four times. You neeeed to see it. It was amazing. I couldnt stop smiling and giggling and laughing. It was so damn cute. And the message with the images were powerful. If you have no prior knowledge, Wall-E is a robot that is cleaning up Earth after all living creatures have moved onto spaceships. Save the environment, woot.

After the movie, around 1opm. I decided to make a birthday cake. Yes, that late. I was the only one who could eat the cake anyway. So it was more just to make it. I had already made the Chocolate Mousse Frosting/Filling from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. It was whipped and soft and deliciously rich and sweet. I was still contemplating what batter I wanted to make. But I ended up with the plain chocolate cupcake recipe from the same book. I just doubled the recipe to put into cake pans.

It was extremely fun to frost. I didnt really decorate it, but I did shave dark chocolate pieces on top. A triple chocolate cake, oh my lord. Definitely happy happy birthday to me.

So my actual birthday was fabulous, but I had a ton more to look forward. Like my first trip to The Chicago Diner, and the concert.


CeciLiA said...

Yeh, I definitely experienced the lack of excitement for birthdays and other events lately ... I'm getting old!! But thank God Christmas is still awesome, hehe! Oh my, you have to wait till you're 21 to drink?! That's ridiculous (even for a non drinker like me) ... here in Aus, we are allowed to drink as soon as we reached 18!! :-D

Ok move onto another topic ... oh wow!! YAY! You got awesome presents for your birthday!! Don't you just LOVE cookbooks?!! Hehehe, can't wait to see your jelly donuts post! :0)

Mmmm I love mapo tofu ... very spicy though ... Oh oh! Wall-E?? I never heard of it, hrmm ... I'll check it out some day!

Oh man, you're killing me with the picture of the TRIPLE chocolate cake .... LOOKS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Send me a slice please ...!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're only 20! You're not allowed to lose excitement for birthdays already!

Happy (late) Birthday anyway! And that cake. Oh that cake.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Ohmigosh that cake looks delicious!

About the pillsbury icings: I'd read on the "I can't believe it's vegan" website that they were vegan... but recently I found out that some of the stuff on there isn't actually 100% vegan. So I wrote to Pillsbury, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. So I don't actually know about the glycerides. Til then, I'm going to stick with recipes for icing from VCTOTW.