i know, i know

I have been horrible, don't worry I know. I haven't forgotten about posting or any of you. I will be back in two weeks, hopefully before then, but these next two weeks are 3 exams, last assignments in all classes, and a physics fair. Already I am really behind. But Im keeping optimistic that I will be able to catch back up this week.

Take care! And I'll write in a bit.


Anonymous said...

You're not horrible, Sarah. Nothing wrong with being busy!
Oft help will come when you least expect it! So keep your eyes open and who knows what might fall from the sky!!

Jaanie said...

yeah, you should be apologising!
imagine that...
good luck with your exams and whatnot!
i'm sure you'll ace them.
my mac is awesome.
i love her.
and she loves me.
but just like any relationship, there are times where we test each other.